The Panama Papers book

13-coverimg_0019„An extremely important book – this decade’s most important rather than this year’s“
The Times Literary Supplement

„With precision and purpose, THE PANAMA PAPERS is what ‚Follow the Money‘ means.“
—Bob Woodward, The Washington Post

„The biggest leak in the history of data journalism.“
— Edward Snowden

„THE PANAMA PAPERS is a tale of fearless and careful reporting by Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier … How to follow the money — the lesson of the Watergate investigation a generation ago — has been given a reboot for the age of globalisation with this commendable account.“
—Financial Times

„Their book should be read in journalism schools as well as by tax authorities“
— Alan Rusbridger in New York Review of Books

„The fascinating struggle of David against Goliath… A brilliantly written book.“
— Frankfurter Rundschau

„Bastian Obermayer and Frederik Obermaier, the authors of this powerful, lucid, book, show us how the very rich hide their money…They should make journalists proud — and may even help to make the world a better place.“
—New Statesman